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Notes From Idcee 2012

Cloudessa - security in the cloud, cloud based solution for security that removes the headaches of maintaining enterprise RADIUS servers. It provides reliable and secure AAA. It is FISMA, PCI, FIPS-compliant. One of the interesting features are 2-factor authorizations and google-sites-based wi-fi auth, when you can allow access only for people from your corporate domain.

Inventarium - interesting mobile feedback system with integration for iOS, Android and Windows Phone. Free for first 1000 users, after - $49/month.

Kuznech - the winner of startup competition at IDCEE2012. Image processing toolkit with wide range of different functions. Michael(CEO) said, that they have different technologies, from morphology-based image similarity to image retrieval and search among images. Also he said, that they were working for a while on it and have some US patents on their technologies. I can’t find any patents dedicated to Kuztech like a company, but there are some patents from their Chief Scientist Alexander Valencia-Campo. Anyway, they have a really strong team with solid experience in the area.

GossipTeller - anonymous service to share and discover gossips about people, events and other local things. They do not use exist social feeds like twitter of facebook, you can create your news anonymously. The team has nice iOS application and some traction from US students.

Sometimes, don’t have any plans to meet someone, and just meet interesting and smart people, on the IDCEE it was a case with Marvin Liao, Commercial Director, EMEA Expansion Markets at Yahoo! Inc. Thanks to Alex Barrera I’ve met Marvin, we had an interesting conversation on a/b testing, fashion startups, facebook’s stocks and lots of other topics.